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disability-imgLong Term Disability

Don’t take “no” for an answer. If you believe that your claim for long term disability insurance benefits has been wrongfully denied, you have a right to take action.

You Need a Disability Lawyer

When you bought your private disability insurance policy, you were probably perfectly healthy. But, unfortunately when you need to make a disability insurance benefits claim on that policy, you are most likely dealing with serious medical and financial problems. You need a firm of attorneys well-versed and highly experienced in employment and benefits law to help you deal with the insurance company and its lawyers. We have worked with hundreds of clients, offering our advice on qualifying for benefits and litigating lawsuits on behalf of those whose disability insurance benefit claims have been denied.

The law states that the language used in disability insurance policies must be written so that the average consumer can understand it but most insurance companies interpret the language to their advantage that only they can understand. You do not have to put up with insurance company games or bad faith and we can help you successfully resolving your disability insurance claim.

Resolving Your Case

Insurance companies sell disability insurance policies by promising to pay if you are no longer able to work in your own occupation.  However, when it comes time to payout on a claim, they seem to change their view of what your occupation is.  At Cherry, Fieger & Cherry our disability insurance attorneys work with you and employment experts to determine exactly what your occupation is and what you can be expected to do and not do.  As a result, we have helped hundreds of clients successfully resolve their cases through both negotiation and litigation.

When it comes to claims of insurance bad faith, every case is unique. To help ensure the best possible outcome for your situation, you must be an active participant in the legal process. This means answering all questions honestly and thoroughly during your claim evaluation and throughout the investigation. It also means promptly providing any critical documents that are requested by your attorney, including medical records and documentation from your insurer. Your cooperation is an essential part of our ability to effectively represent your claim.

If you need help navigating the maze of insurance claim paperwork, or if your insurance claim has been denied, let us help you get the coverage and benefits you need.  Contact us today for the best advice and guidance possible.  Do not try to face the insurance company and their lawyers alone.  Your odds of winning without representation are slim.